God’s Call to Community


God’s Call to Community

In the readings of Sunday 7th Sept 08 we looked at God’s call to community. In Ezekiel, God commissions the prophet to serve as a spiritual sentinel for Israel, responsible for calling the people to repentance. In his letter to the Romans, Paul concludes that all of God’s commandments are fulfilled when we attend to the well-being of our neighbour. 
And in the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples to persist in their pursuit of reconciliation. 
Our attention is turned to two of the basic ingredients of love: the willingness to communicate, and acceptance of others. Love does not just happen; it is not simply a nice feeling; it isn’t always easy; it is a process that needs plenty of work and attention. Arguments happen. Anger flares. Someone gets hurt and the bond between two people is stretched or broken. When we bring these readings to our living we see that Jesus gives us one option—be reconciled. Whether we’ve inflicted pain or received it—or some of both—the call is the same—be reconciled. 
The guidelines of the early Church set out in the Gospel are noteworthy for their compassion and restraint. The purpose of the process is never to humiliate or condemn, but always to restore relationships. As disciples we are called to take on this work of reconciliation—work that is grounded in love for the other, work that begins with respect and love for all, work that seeks God’s justice and peace above all else. Gospel-centred reconciliation confronts those misunderstandings and issues that divide us, grieve us and embitter us, not out of anger or a need to ‘get even’ but out of a commitment to imitate the love and mercy of God. 
We are reminded that to belong to the Church is to belong to a community of brothers and sisters in Christ. Being a Christian is not a private, purely personal affair. As a community we have a responsibility for each other’s well-being. Our relationship with Jesus and with God depends intimately on how we relate with other people. We will always need the presence of Jesus to give us the courage to love in such a way. That is why Jesus finishes his instructions with a command to prayer and a reminder that when two or three gather together in His name, He is there is in the midst of us.

                 ……….The Pastoral Team

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