The World’s Largest Humanitarian Organisation

The World’s Largest Humanitarian Organisation
-bringing hope to millions!-

In Australia, through 1,700 schools, more than 80 hospitals, more than 30,000 aged care beds and at home services, St Vincent de Paul, Centacare (now CatholicCare in some dioceses) and the myriad of outreach provided by religious orders, parishes and dioceses, the work of the Catholic Church is perhaps 50 times that of the Red Cross in Australia and around 40% of all the charitable work of non-profit organisations nationally.

Internationally, the Catholic Church is the largest or close to largest provider of humanitarian services in the Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America. It is a major provider in Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong, even though the Catholic population is relatively small. Hundreds of millions of people rely on the Catholic Church every day for a wide range of services including primary, secondary and tertiary education, basic health services, clinics and hospitals, orphanages, welfare support, pastoral care and family support, job creation, advocacy against injustice and so much more.

Most importantly, but in a much more hidden way, inspired by the risen Jesus, every day a billion ordinary Catholics reach out to their neighbours, parishioners, school families, and others in need in huge but hidden ways every day. Spiritual supported humanitarian acts, whether formal through institutions or informally through everyday relationships, creates a Church which succeeds in providing hope in Australia and around the world.
That Church is worth joining and celebrating this Easter.

Martin Teulan
National Director
Catholic Mission

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