A new hi-tech “First Collection” for those who don’t cayy cash anymore.

A new hi-tech cashless “First Collection”.The next time you come to St Anne’s church you will be faced with a new hi-tech device. The purpose is to give parishioners a way to donate to the upkeep of our parish priest and to help pay for our retired priests. You will be aware that we can no longer pass the plate around at Mass so we rely on our parishioners to donate to the parish via automatic payment systems, envelopes (they’re still a thing), or putting something into the collection boxes in the foyer. The problem is that as no-one much carries any cash anymore, the “First Collection” for our priests, retired or otherwise is not doing so well.To try to fix this we have invested in a “Tap and Go” machine we call “Tap and Give”. You simply tap the machine with a credit card or a smartphone setup for the purpose, and $5 is deducted from your account and it will show as a deduction on your bank account as a donation to “Sunbury Catholic Parish”.If you already pay by bank deductions to the parish first collection account as well as the parish second collection account, or you use envelopes, feel free to continue. If the machine is busy one your way in, use it on your way out. If you want to put in $10, tap for $5 going in and do it again leaving. Any questions, ask one of our Mass Registrars, or Coordinators.


Our parish community has been extremely generous in supporting the LAP team but unfortunately, due to the pandemic restrictions, we will not be able to hold our planned fundraising collection at Masses in November. If you are in a position to make a once-off donation to enable the LAP team to continue their work, If you can help, could we please encourage you to make an electronic contribution using the following parish bank details:

Account Name: OLMC Church Account
BSB No.: 083 347
Account No.: 546358602
Detail: LAP-your surname

Thank you for your continued support,
OLMC LAP Fundraising team.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday

Australian Mother and Child

Australian Mother and Child
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday
This Sunday 5th July, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday will be celebrated with a theme chosen to respond to the current challenges we face as a community – Together in the Spirit.
Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday is usually celebrated during NAIDOC Week, however, due to COVID-19, NAIDOC Week has been postponed to November.
“Greetings from the Antipodes – painted by James Charles Nuttall circa 1908”
by Aussie~mobs is licensed under CC PDM 1.0.

NEWSLETTER from the LAP team in Indonesia

 Click on the image to read the newsletter

The newsletter highlights the activities that the LAP team have held over the past few months to support the HIV AIDS children.

The newsletter (In their “December activities” section) makes particular reference to the special letters that the Year 5 children at St. Anne’s have sent to the LAP children. They have been doing this for several years now and it’s greatly appreciated. Also the St Anne’s children have raised nearly $4,500 over the past six years in support of the LAP children – a wonderful effort.
–Tony Kiley




Eternal God,
In wisdom and love
you created our earth
to sustain us and give us life.
We turn to you now
in faith, hope and love,
asking you to look with favour
on our fire-ravaged and drought-stricken land,
on our starving and
displaced animals,
on our failing crops and burning
farms, towns and forests.
Strengthen, sustain and give new heart
to our farmers
and to all who are affected by drought;
be with those who support them.
Strengthen and comfort the victims of the fires,
those who have lost family, friends, property and stock.
Protect our volunteer firefighters and all members of essential services.
In your loving providence,
send abundant rain to quench the fires
and to restore our parched earth.
Father of all compassion,
hear our prayer
through Jesus Christ your Son,
in whom the promise of new life
has dawned, and
through the power
of the Holy Spirit,
the Lord the giver of life:
Renew your faithful people;
Renew the face of the earth.
Our Lady of the Southern Cross,
Mary, help of Christians –
Pray for us.
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop –
Pray for us.

(NOTE: Special collection for St Vinnies Bushfire Appeal Australia Day Weekend Masses)

Vinnies No Interest Loan Scheme

Vinnies has recently launched No Interest Loan Scheme. Loans can be from $300-$1500 for the purchase of essential goods and services, such as household items, car repairs, medical or dental expenses and can be repaid over 12 months. To qualify you must have a Health care card or Pension card or be low income earner, reside in current premises for more than 3 months and show willingness and capacity to repay loan.
For more info call 5229 8829 or email enquiries.nils@vinniesnils.org.au or click on this link https://www.vinniesnils.org.au/