Pop, Rock and Roll, Dance Night, for all ages.

All profits will be shared by three deserving groups:

1) Goonawarra Neighbouring House Mentoring Program – for young girls bullied in schools.

2) Chaplaincy program in local schools and

3) Youth Group.

Your support will allow the above groups to continue to deliver their programs to deserving youth.

Please circulate to family and friends.




Ministry Teams (note there may be some overlap)

– Lectors & Commentators:  To read the word of the Lord at Mass on a roster. Commentators will welcome parishioners and make announcements.

– Musicians & Singers:  To uplift our Masses

– Ministers of Communion

– Altar Servers: Open to boys and girls who have celebrated First Communion

– Baptism Preparation: welcome and instruct families wanting to baptize their children

– Catechetic: a program for children who attend Government schools who would like to celebrate their Sacraments

– Children’s Liturgy

Prayer, Service and Formation Teams

– RCIA Team: Are involved in Initiating Adults into the Catholic faith

– Legion of Mary: Meet every Tuesday to pray together and to reach out to parishioners

– Knights of the Southern Cross: An organization of catholic men who support the educational, charitable, religious and social welfare needs of the parish

– EMMAUS Charismatic Prayer Group: meeting held every Thursday morning in the Chapel

–Small Christian Communities

Support Teams

– Creative Tech: operate laptops, audio, cameras, graphics and lights at events

– Office Support: help with administrative tasks in the office

– Counting monies support: count money and get it ready for banking

– Mass Hosts: set up and pack up weekend Masses on roster

– Pastoral Visitors: visit with the homebound and hospitalized. Take Communion to those at home and/or the Nursing Homes

– Pastoral Assistance: assist people who have no transport but need to get to Mass or Shops or Medical Appointments

– Bingo Helper: running the parish bingo at the Sunbury Football Club every Thursday night

Maintenance Teams

– Parish Posties: deliver our Neighbourhood Newsletter to all our Catholic families three times per year

–Gift Shop

–Church Linen: Wash and iron linen

–Church Cleaning

–Altar care


–Welcoming Team: hand out the newsletter at each Mass and welcome each parishioner

Various Groups

SOCIAL JUSTICE:  We have a small team who promote issues of Social Justice in our parish. We would love to hear from you if you have a passion for Social Justice.

YOUTH GROUP:  Our youth group has many activities that they coordinate each year for the parish and they sup- port our other groups financially from any fundraising they do. New members are always welcome.

OVERSEAS HUMANITARIAN PROJECT:  This project has a small committee who coordinate the promotion of the needs of the orphans in Jakarta that our parish has been supporting since …..

PARISH HISTORICAL GROUP:  Our small team preserve our parish’s rich history. If you have a love for History, please join in.

EVERGREENS: Our Seniors are always looking for people to join them as they arrange gatherings and outings.



Over these three days we proclaim Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. It is such an immense and awe-inspiring mystery that we need three days to enter its truth. The mystery is called the paschal mystery. We gaze at the mystery on Holy Thursday as Jesus kneels on the floor to wash feet, sits at the table for the Last Supper and anguishes in the garden of Gethsemane. On Good Friday we gaze at the Cross and on Easter Day, we are gazing in another garden and see the empty tomb. There is no attempt to soften either the sadness or the joy.

John’s gospel presents Jesus as dying as a King and that Jesus is in complete control of his own destiny, with Jesus carrying his own cross.

John’s passion begins and ends in a garden—a feature unique to John. Jesus’s cross is erected in the middle of the garden. The tree of life was in the middle of the garden of Eden. His mother is called ‘woman’ the same term used for Eve in the Garden of Eden.
(Genesis 2:23)
Only in John’s gospel, there is the scene where Jesus from the cross says: “Woman, this is your son. Then to the disciple he said, “This is your mother” (John 19:26) This changed the relationship between Jesus and his disciples. Now we share the same mother as he—we hence become his brothers and sisters.
The body of Jesus is buried in a new tomb in the garden. In John 2:19, Jesus said “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up”.
The risen Lord appears to Mary Magdalene saying: “Go and tell my brothers and sisters, I go to my Father and your Father” (John 20:17).
Jesus and we share a relationship of being children of God. We by baptism are the Household of the Father—the New Temple.
“As I have washed your feet, you should wash each others feet”.
At the Last Supper, Jesus shows he is Servant, one who is ready to do the dirty jobs, to be at the bottom of the social heap. He kneels on the floor to wash the feet. (John 13:15)
Today, attached is a list of the various ways we can serve each other in our parish. There is a tear off slip to leave today at the Welcome desk.

we offer to Fr Martin Ashe and to his mother and family in Ireland as his sister Maureen entered eternal life last week.

The Bishop of Lismore, Bishop Greg Homeming has 
launched an appeal for mattresses for the people of Lismore who have lost their bedding in the wake of Cyclone Debbie. Our parishioners at Mass on Thursday evening donated to this appeal. Others wishing to give are invited to leave donations at our Parish office.

Last Tuesday during Mass at the Cathedral, 
254 Melbourne priests renewed their commitment to serve the people in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Please continue to pray for our priests and for more to follow in their footsteps as Melbourne grows bigger. Some parishes are relying on priests aged in the nineties to celebrate Mass for the people. Hundreds gathered for the funeral of their beloved pastor of 32 years Fr Jim Kierce on Wednesday.

We thank the Honner family for looking after our donkey on their farm. The donkey will feature on the “Melbourne Catholic” website this 
week re-enacting Palm Sunday. The donkey is aged 25 years and in good health

…..Kevin McIntosh


We meet at St Anne’s Church at 10.00am on Thursdays. All welcome, including children. For further info/transport please contact Lambert & Elaine van der Weerden on 0418 322 596.
The closing Mass for the Northern Region of the Jubilee Cross will be celebrated by Bishop Curtin and will be held at St Mary’s, 204 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough on Sunday 23 April com- mencing at 2.00pm. If attending please bring a plate for afternoon tea.



Our parish has been involved with Kinda Kinder program for a few years now. It is a program where the Victoria University Early Childhood students gain experience in planning and executing an education based play session in our parish with children from toddler to preschoolers. Parents stay and watch on (and chat) as their children interact and play during the 1 hour session. Our program will start Tuesday 2 May at 9am and continue for 4 weeks in the Parish Centre. All welcome. After the Kinder Kinda program is finished, our parish runs an informal playgroup where parents can access the toys for their children and just interact with each other while the children play. We would encourage participants of Kinder Kinda program to continue to come along to build up social networks.


Our Good Friday collection supports the church of the Holy Land. It promotes the missionary work of the Church in the Holy Land by providing welfare assistance to local Christians in areas such as health, education, employment and housing. Parishes, schools, orphanages and medical centres also rely on support from this collection. The collection also is relied upon to maintain the 74 churches and shrines associated with the life of Jesus. Please also pray for peace and harmony will become a reality in the land where Jesus lived.



Our parish offers cards of remembrance to parishioners who would like to remember those who cannot be with us throughout the time of Lent and Easter. If it due to distance or loss that loved ones are not with us, we can still remember and pray for them at this time. Please take a card from either of our churches and place in the basket.

LENTEN PROGRAM (A note on the Jubilee Cross)


This year we will explore “The Gift” that we have of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The following topics will be covered during the six week program:- The Father’s Loving Plan, The Joy of the Gospel, The Gift of the Spirit, Unwrapping God’s Gift, Encountering God’s Spirit and Living in the Spirit.
Morning sessions will be held at 10.00 am on Thursdays commencing on March 2nd. The first evening session will be on Tuesday February 28th at 7.30 pm. The rest of the evening sessions will be on Thursdays at 7.30 pm. All sessions will be at St. Anne’s Church.
The topic for the this week is “The Joy of the Gospel”.




From 1987 to September 2016, the Ministry of Health recorded the cumulative number of HIV infections in Indonesia as many as 219 036 cases. Meanwhile, the cumulative number of HIV infections in 2010-2016 are as many as 184 779 cases, in which 13 263 (7.18%) of whom were children aged 0-19 years (P2P DG, Ministry of Health, 2016). This number will continue to grow if prevention of transmission is not performed. HIV prevention programs have mainly focused on key populations such as injecting drug users, sex workers and other high-risk groups. Children born with HIV are often missed in the government program, but the child is a traveling source of HIV transmission in the high-risk group.

The Ministry of Health is strongly committed to tackling HIV and AIDS. One of the efforts is through the provision of Anti-Retroviral drugs (ARV) for people with HIV, including children. “Up to the month of November 2016 recorded 74 879 people living with HIV on antiretroviral treatment in Indonesia and about 4% of them are children,” said Director of Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Direct, dr.Wiendra Waworuntu, Kes. This is also supported by David Bridger, UNAIDS Country Director for Indonesia, said: “If children have access to proper treatment, children can grow and develop properly, like the other kids.”

The issue of HIV, both in adults and children, is often seen as a health issue alone. Though there are many aspects in life that are ultimately affected. The challenges faced in addition to health problems is access to education. Discrimination often occurs in the school environment so that the child had to go out and look for a new school. To cope, this should be considered together with a platform and framework that enables a sustainable cross-sectoral involvement, as submitted by the Director General of Culture Ministry of Education and Culture, Hilmar Farid.

Another challenge faced is the parenting issue that is the responsibility of a guardian such as grandparents or other family members. Ineligibility for shelter and a lack of knowledge about parenting also have an impact on the quality of life of children with HIV. To realize the quality of life for children with HIV, the important role and commitment of various parties including the government and the public is needed. Currently, services and comprehensive programs that serves children with HIV are still few in number. Nahar, SH, MSi., Director of Social Rehabilitation for Children Ministry of Social RI said that the involvement of the Social Worker in the prevention, protection and social rehabilitation for children with HIV should continue to be pursued through partnership with community organizations or institutions that have a concern in the protection of children with HIV.

Through a photo exhibition “One Child One Life Projekt” Rainbow Kids Lantern (LAP) is opening so that the public can learn more about the lives of children with HIV. The exhibition is expected to be the initial idea for all parties to be involved in programs and support services for children with HIV. In addition as a means of advocacy and education to raise public awareness, it also exhibits an appreciation for the volunteers, the community, government, and all parties that already provide support to LAP in assisting children with HIV in Jakarta.

LAP was established in 2009 upon initiation Prof. Irwanto, Ph.D., to address the challenges that exist in the community about HIV-infected children. LAP is part of a community service unit under the auspices of HIV Research Centre (PPH) Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. As the mentoring program of children with HIV in Indonesia, LAP aims to improve the quality of life of children with HIV. In addition, LAP also educates the public and the government to take part in efforts to reduce the adverse effects on the child. Through home-based care program, LAP want to make sure that every child has greater access to family care, health facilities, education, and does not experience discrimination in society. This effort was supported by the National AIDS Commission (NAC) through funding Indonesian Partnership Fund (IPF) for 1.5 years. Since 2011, LAP gain support from various public and private groups to this day

LAP is currently assisting 100 children in Jakarta and surrounding areas. LAP Team consists of permanent staff, part-time, and volunteers with various backgrounds who work wholeheartedly. Without the help of donors, volunteers, communities, the government and all those who have provided support for LAP, this program cannot continue.

In the end, the support given by all parties is very meaningful. Whatever its form, the support is like a beacon for the life of children with HIV to experience a better quality of life and have a better hope in the future, just like the other children.

ASH WEDNESDAY– 1 MARCH 2017 (Mass Times etc)

This will signal the start of the Church season of Lent. Lent is a time to recall our baptism and to seek to make ourselves better people by living true Christian values.
Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (14 April) are days of Fasting and abstinence from meat. On all other Fridays, except solemnities, the law of the common practice of penance is fulfilled by performing any one of the following:
Prayer-personal or communal prayer in any form. Archbishop
Hart recommends 15 minutes at night slowly reading, praying and reflecting on the daily gospel. Pope Francis reminds us that “The Word is a gift”.
Self Denial– could include giving to Project Compassion or Fasting. Self Denial frees our mind and our resources. What money or time we do not spend on ourselves, we need to spend on the benefit of others.
Helping Others– look to our neighbours and family who may need support in any way. Don’t forget the aged, the lonely, the sick, the refugees. If you can reach-out during Lent, it is a good time to start.
Lent is an opportunity to improve the way we live out our Christian values and to make our lives and the lives of others better. Ash Wednesday Masses are as follows:

  • 9.30am St Anne’s (with St Anne’s Primary School)
  • 12.30pm OLMC (with OLMC Primary School)
  • 7.00pm St Anne’s

Archbishops Message for Lent 2017: a message from Archbishop Denis Hart is on the Noticeboard in the foyer of St Anne’s Church.


It is providential that the readings set down for today as we celebrate Sister Jose` 50 years as a Sister of St Joseph are the readings used on the Feast of St Mary MacKillop, one of the founders of the Sisters of St Joseph.
Our gospel reading is from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is teaching us not to be distracted (a better translation of the Greek ‘to be worried’) from focusing on the Kingdom of God which needs to be our first priority. Jesus is using poetic exaggeration-of course, he knows we need food, clothing and shelter. If we trust in the love of God we will not be inordinately attached to material possessions.
Our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah teaches us God has an intimate love for us like a woman for her baby, the fruit of her womb.
In 1874, Mary MacKillop wrote: “When I could not see my way God kept my heart full of trust.” Mary grew up in Melbourne in difficult economic circumstances due to her father’s poor managing. “My life as a child was one of sorrows, my home, when I had it, a most unhappy one.” During these times, Mary often heard her mother, Flora say “God will provide.” Mary carried this attitude throughout her life.

102 years after the birth of Mary MacKillop in Fitzroy in 1842, Jose` Noy was born in Arnhem, Holland, the sixth child of Joseph and Mary Noy. She was born into a difficult time. The Nazis had occupied the Noy family home since May 1940. The Noy family were expelled from their home and lived for five years in a coolstore a type of animal barn without heating in the snow on their farm.
In 1951, the Noy family came to Victoria for the benefit of the children and moved around a number of places until they settled in Whittlesea. Jose` attended eight primary schools. Her secondary education was at Santa Maria College, Northcote.
Just as Mary MacKillop was a clerical worker in a Melbourne bookstore before teaching, so Jose` was a clerical worker at the Trades Hall for a couple of years before she entered religious life to be a teacher.
Mary MacKillop sent her Sisters in two’s to small towns in rural areas in 1869 so Jose` has been sent to small towns– Iona in 1969 and later to Gordon in 1978. Jose` has lived most of her religious life in small groups of one or two sisters.
After being a teacher and a principal, Jose` became a pastoral associate in parishes from 2000. In 2011, she came to our parish.

Today we welcome Jose` s siblings: Wilma, Mary, Christine and Bill. Hank, her brother is not well enough to join us. We welcome Jose`s religious family, Kerry Cusack, Province Leader and other Sisters of St Joseph.
Friendship is a primary gospel value. Jesus said: “You are my friends” (John 15:14) Jose` has maintained friends from many of the places in which she has served. We welcome some fifty of her friends who have travelled here today.
We, Sunbury parishioners, have been blessed by the love, care and friendship of Jose` – as someone aptly said: “She is always smiling.”
Congratulations Jose` , May the Lord continue to bless you in the gift of your vocation as a Sister of St Joseph.
…..Kevin McIntosh

SALESIAN COLLEGE SUNBURY ENROLMENT (2018 Closing date 17 Feb 2017)

As previously announced, throughout the Melbourne Archdiocese there is an earlier enrolment process for Catholic Secondary Colleges. The new closing date for applications for Year 7 (2018) is 17 February 2017. In recent years, there have been too many applications for the 232 available positions for Year 7, hence some applications have been unsuccessful. Applications endorsed by the parish need to be at the College before 7 February.


A St Valentines Day Dance is being organized by the Youth Group for Saturday February 18 from 6.30pm-11pm in the Parish Centre. Tickets can be purchased via Garnet on 0411 286 428 or the Parish Office. Tickets are Adults $20, Pensioners $15, Family of
4 with 2 children under 12 $50, children under 12 $12. Food and music included in price of ticket.
Sponsors, Donations and Raffle prizes are welcome.
All profits will be donated to the Goonawarra House and the Youth Group.
Goonawarra House run a program to support young girls who suffer with bullying. Funds raised will pay for mentors for the girls.
The Youth Group will be looking to fund a bus trip for the parish community this year and funds from the dance will be used to fund the bus trip.