A new hi-tech “First Collection” for those who don’t cayy cash anymore.

A new hi-tech cashless “First Collection”.The next time you come to St Anne’s church you will be faced with a new hi-tech device. The purpose is to give parishioners a way to donate to the upkeep of our parish priest and to help pay for our retired priests. You will be aware that we can no longer pass the plate around at Mass so we rely on our parishioners to donate to the parish via automatic payment systems, envelopes (they’re still a thing), or putting something into the collection boxes in the foyer. The problem is that as no-one much carries any cash anymore, the “First Collection” for our priests, retired or otherwise is not doing so well.To try to fix this we have invested in a “Tap and Go” machine we call “Tap and Give”. You simply tap the machine with a credit card or a smartphone setup for the purpose, and $5 is deducted from your account and it will show as a deduction on your bank account as a donation to “Sunbury Catholic Parish”.If you already pay by bank deductions to the parish first collection account as well as the parish second collection account, or you use envelopes, feel free to continue. If the machine is busy one your way in, use it on your way out. If you want to put in $10, tap for $5 going in and do it again leaving. Any questions, ask one of our Mass Registrars, or Coordinators.

Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen

Sunbury Neighbourhood Kitchen will be restarting in the next couple of months.
Do you want to join our team of volunteers????
We need friendly, active and motivated people who want to make a difference and help others in need. 18 years and over.
Volunteers required on
Mondays 9am to 8pm
Thursdays 9am to 1pm
Do you have interest in any of the duties below, if so, we need you to volunteer.
Cooks, front of house, back of house, setting up the dining room, drivers with current drivers license, for collection of food supplies (usually on Thursdays), fundraising, committee management roles, promotions, website and social media.
Some criteria required:

  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must have a current Working With Children Check
    Registration night**
    Monday 10th May at 7pm
    Ball Court, Macedon Street, Sunbury.
    Please email your RSVP is by 6th May 2021, due to COVID requirements.


Our parish community has been extremely generous in supporting the LAP team but unfortunately, due to the pandemic restrictions, we will not be able to hold our planned fundraising collection at Masses in November. If you are in a position to make a once-off donation to enable the LAP team to continue their work, If you can help, could we please encourage you to make an electronic contribution using the following parish bank details:

Account Name: OLMC Church Account
BSB No.: 083 347
Account No.: 546358602
Detail: LAP-your surname

Thank you for your continued support,
OLMC LAP Fundraising team.


APRIL 2017
August 2015

Father Kevin McIntosh was ordained to the Priesthood on 23rd May 1970.
He is the eldest son of Wal and Mary McIntosh and he grew up with his brother Frank in Rene Street East Preston where they belonged to Holy Name Parish. His parents were very active parishioners.
Father Kevin began his schooling at Holy Name School in the 1950’s.
He served as an altar boy with Father Tony Cleary and Father Barry King and has fond memories of the altar boys picnics. Father Kevin Kincade was an avid bushwalker and Father Kevin recalls trips up to various parts beyond Whittlesea.
Father Rod Pitts also lived in Rene Street, six houses apart from Father Kevin. They grew up together with Father Rod taking him to school.
As a youth Father Kevin was influenced by the liturgical and ecumenical interests of Father Tony Cleary.
Following a calling Father Kevin commenced his studies for the Priesthood in 1963 at Corpus Christi College Werribee together with another school friend.
He was ordained by Archbishop Knox in 1970 in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. His friend from his childhood, Father Rod Pitts, designed his ordination vestment.
He was appointed assistant priest at Ormond, Bennettswood, Greensborough, Moreland and Scoresby.
In 1986 Father Kevin was appointed the first parish priest of St Thomas the Apostle in Greensborough North where he spent the next nineteen years.
In 2005 Father Kevin was appointed parish priest of the Sunbury parish which also takes in Bulla, Clarkefield, Diggers Rest and Wildwood.
Under his leadership there was a Review of Worship Space and a Renewal Week where the goals for the parish were set:
To be inclusive and welcoming
Involving youth
Where the aged are cared for
Good liturgy, good music, and good facilities.

Both parish churches were extensively renovated. Our Lady of Mt Carmel in 2007 and St Anne’s in 2009.
The third parish primary school, Holy Trinity, opened in 2019.
Father Kevin has met the challenges of preparing for the future in an ever growing town and parish.
Parish Neighbourhoods were set up helping parishioners feel a sense of belonging.
Father Kevin has been actively involved in the Sunbury Inter-Church Council.
As well as his parish commitments he sits on the Marriage Tribunal and is a member of Community for a Better World.
He is in regular contact with his fellow Seminarians.
As a member of the parish Historical Committee he had been a great support and part of the writing team of the parish history book “Led by The Spirit”.
His interest in history is often shared by little snippets of interest in the Bulletin.
When visiting England he visited William Wardell’s church in Chiselhurst which is very similar in design to our church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel.
Sick parishioners appreciate his visits.
Major milestones of the parish which Father Kevin has celebrated with us include:
150 years – Our Lady of Mt Carmel School in 2010
150 years since first public worship in Sunbury also in 2010
Blessing of the new Bell Tower to house the 1911 bell in 2010
Centenary of the Parish 2011
Centenary of the Presence of the Sisters of St Joseph in Sunbury in 2016
40th Anniversary of St Anne’s School in 2018.
Father Kevin is tireless in his support of matters of parish and parish education.
We were truly blessed when Father Kevin was appointed to our Sunbury Parish.

…OLMC Historical Committee

A reflection at the funeral of Fr Bert by Michael McConville

Our Mass commitments always began with the arrival of the little white car. Get the walker out, Fr Bert and the plastic bag. The bag contained the homily in the green folder, his glasses and his missal. Fr Bert to the Sacristy for vesting and to see people who needed to see him before Mass, last minute instructions, Green Folder to the Lectern, Glasses to the Altar.

Father Bert was an educator, a servant leader, a lover of Scripture and great story teller. A good opening and a good close. Very precise in how he set up his homily – The Green folder and two pages of text – never more. The pages set up with the last page slightly sitting lower from the first so – he could easily move from first to second.

I have the green folder and the three pages (Sorry Mate). So, Fr Bert here we go – two men were sitting in the waiting room of heaven. A younger man and an older man, both wearing a Red and White Football jumper -Sydney Swans. (Why Sydney Swans!!! – Red and White = Malta) As they waited, they started talking. The older man asked the younger – tell me about your life. The younger man responded – I was a Christian brother. I devoted my religious life to educating younger people. I worked all over Australia. But as the years went on the demands started to take their toll, so I asked God to help me discern the next steps in my life. What about you said the younger man – I have a feeling we have met before. I too started as an educator and moved to become a Salesian Priest. As a Priest I worked in many parishes and roles. Yes!!!!! by now you have worked me out – The young brother – Bro Simon transformed to become Fr Bert. Fr Bert transformed to become our friend, mentor, gardener, confidant. Fr Bert continued to educate and grow people. If you look at any of the photo’s around our Parish, he is always there. People ask – who is that with Fr Bert, his involvement with; Legion of Mary, RCIA, Evergreens, KSC, Liturgy Team, Vinnies, Plenary Council, Altar Servers and much more. In these times of Plenary Council Fr Bert was a natural servant leader. He was a team player & liked a challenge – In 2014 Fr Kevin was ill and unable to lead our Easter Ceremonies. Off the bench at 78 came Fr Bert and with the help of the Parish Liturgy team and the Parish Donkey – he delivered a wonderful meaningful Easter. I would like to dispel a rumour, rumour has it that Fr Bert liked food. No Fr Bert loved people and with people came food. For his love of people, he was prepared to sacrifice some things – even his waistline. His love of people saw so many of you as his friends and carers – as one acquaintance commented – he had an army of carers. All of you did such a wonderful job! I said before Fr Bert was a gardener – he planted seeds and grew trees. He grew trees that he knew he would never sit under.

As I said before Fr Bert’s model always included a good close. Fr Bert was a good closer – he had some famous closers. As a matter of fact, I have one of them with me. (Hold up the rope) “Famous Fulbrook Fetcher” – Many of you will remember the Green falcon. When the door was open, he found it a bit hard to reach out and close it. So, he tied the rope to the door handle and pulled the door closed – he was an innovator. (E bay Franchise – funds to needy cause- The Sydney Swans)

Fr Bert and I had some small traditions – one was as we returned to the Sacristy after Mass – He used to say “That’s another we walk away from” – a saying we borrowed from our mutual Friend Deacon Aspinall and he borrowed it from his time as an English Bobby. In recent years walking away became harder and perhaps a waddle. Fr Bert’s determination made sure he exercised his ministry right near the end of last year – His strength was amazing Well Bert my friend this is another we walk away from. You have walked on to your eternal reward.

We continue to walk on to care for the many trees you have planted and as you modelled, we will plant more seeds. Walk on with our God dear friend.

….Michael McConville

Fr Bert’s last Masses



It is providential that the readings set down for today as we celebrate Sister Jose` 50 years as a Sister of St Joseph are the readings used on the Feast of St Mary MacKillop, one of the founders of the Sisters of St Joseph.
Our gospel reading is from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is teaching us not to be distracted (a better translation of the Greek ‘to be worried’) from focusing on the Kingdom of God which needs to be our first priority. Jesus is using poetic exaggeration-of course, he knows we need food, clothing and shelter. If we trust in the love of God we will not be inordinately attached to material possessions.
Our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah teaches us God has an intimate love for us like a woman for her baby, the fruit of her womb.
In 1874, Mary MacKillop wrote: “When I could not see my way God kept my heart full of trust.” Mary grew up in Melbourne in difficult economic circumstances due to her father’s poor managing. “My life as a child was one of sorrows, my home, when I had it, a most unhappy one.” During these times, Mary often heard her mother, Flora say “God will provide.” Mary carried this attitude throughout her life.

102 years after the birth of Mary MacKillop in Fitzroy in 1842, Jose` Noy was born in Arnhem, Holland, the sixth child of Joseph and Mary Noy. She was born into a difficult time. The Nazis had occupied the Noy family home since May 1940. The Noy family were expelled from their home and lived for five years in a coolstore a type of animal barn without heating in the snow on their farm.
In 1951, the Noy family came to Victoria for the benefit of the children and moved around a number of places until they settled in Whittlesea. Jose` attended eight primary schools. Her secondary education was at Santa Maria College, Northcote.
Just as Mary MacKillop was a clerical worker in a Melbourne bookstore before teaching, so Jose` was a clerical worker at the Trades Hall for a couple of years before she entered religious life to be a teacher.
Mary MacKillop sent her Sisters in two’s to small towns in rural areas in 1869 so Jose` has been sent to small towns– Iona in 1969 and later to Gordon in 1978. Jose` has lived most of her religious life in small groups of one or two sisters.
After being a teacher and a principal, Jose` became a pastoral associate in parishes from 2000. In 2011, she came to our parish.

Today we welcome Jose` s siblings: Wilma, Mary, Christine and Bill. Hank, her brother is not well enough to join us. We welcome Jose`s religious family, Kerry Cusack, Province Leader and other Sisters of St Joseph.
Friendship is a primary gospel value. Jesus said: “You are my friends” (John 15:14) Jose` has maintained friends from many of the places in which she has served. We welcome some fifty of her friends who have travelled here today.
We, Sunbury parishioners, have been blessed by the love, care and friendship of Jose` – as someone aptly said: “She is always smiling.”
Congratulations Jose` , May the Lord continue to bless you in the gift of your vocation as a Sister of St Joseph.
…..Kevin McIntosh


DEBT AT 3RD DECEMBER 2015  $112 075





Thanksgiving    $187 779

Rent (inc rent from Schools)    $194 925

Bingo & Other Income    $35 534

Total Income    $418 238


Staff Costs (excluding priests)   $131 332

Repairs & Maintenance   $75 455

Loan Repayments   $59 038

Insurance   $20 566

Archdiocese Levy   $16 288

Architects & Consultants   $14 444

Electricity, Gas, Water   $13 873

Other Costs   $84 879

Total Expenditure   $415 875




Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord. This officially brings to an end the season of Christmas. You might say this is a second Epiphany. It is important to us as Catholics and Christians because it represents a second creation involving the entire Trinity.

In fact in the Eastern Church this feast is called Theophany because God appears in three persons. Jesus the Son is baptized; the Holy Spirit descends upon Him; and God declares “You are my beloved Son; with You I am well pleased.”

We recall our own Baptism on this day, because Christ’s Baptism represents in many ways what occurred at our Baptism. At Christ’s Baptism the Holy Spirit descended upon Him. At our Baptism the Trinity occupied our soul; Christ was declared the “Beloved Son”; at our Baptism we became a child of God. At Jesus’ Baptism the heavens were opened, and at our Baptism heaven was opened to us.

On this Holy Day we need to reflect upon our own Baptismal calls — calls to live and love on this earth, a command to seek holiness, to actively be disciples of Christ, calls which can be achieved in part by embracing stewardship as a way of life. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (#1213) states: “Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the door which gives access to the other sacraments. We are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission.”

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