He went off to a lonely place and prayed there

In the gospel today, Jesus heals the sick and performs other such miracles. He then tells His disciples that He cannot stay. He must move on to the next town and continue preaching and healing others. “For this purpose have I come,” Jesus says.

As Christ’s disciples, it is our purpose and our mission to proclaim the Word of God to the world today. We are, in effect, the hands and feet of Christ, and He calls each one of us to continue His ministry of proclaiming the good news. In fact, that is why He established the Church – to call all men to Himself.

Each one of us plays a very important role in the Church’s mission. We are all vital members of the One Church, and the Lord has given us many good gifts with which to carry out this mission. When we live our lives for the glory of God and use our gifts – our time, our talents, and our treasure – to serve the Lord by serving others, people are sure to see Christ in us. People are sure to be drawn to our way of life, to the hope and happiness Christ offers, and men are sure to come to Him.

Later in Mark’s gospel, when Jesus tells the apostles, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation,” (Mk. 16:15), He was speaking to the whole Church. Let us take ownership of our call. May we all use our God-given gifts, our time, our talent, and our treasure – to proclaim the good news: Christ has come to save all and He offers everyone life everlasting. It is a wonderfully hope-filled message. May our lives reflect its truth!

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