We are delighted to invite you to see and purchase handmade religious articles made by the Sisters after morning Mass on Friday April 19. The Christian Orthodox Sisterhood named in Honour of Holy Martyr Grand Princess St Elisabeth is located in the Republic of Belarus in Central part of Europe.
Sisterhood of St Elisabeth was founded in 1996. Our missionary began in National mental hospital located not far from the Convent. Nuns and sisters of mercy take care of mentally challenged children and adults.
Life of the child with diagnosis such as Down syndrome, birth traumas or congenital physical defects may be quite short and it is painful to see them suffering. Also the adult patients need constant support owing to the fact that their illnesses make it impossible for them to adapt socially. In the recent years a shelter and house of Labor for former drug and alcohol addicted people was organized 20 miles away from the Convent. A lot of homeless, struggling and lost people get a chance for a new start in life to find God.
In order to help these people some workshops were organized on the premises of the convent where they have a possibility to express themselves in art for God working together with nuns, sisters and lay brothers and making the icons (including hand painted) crosses, crucifixes, wood carvings, embroidered and ceramic gifts, rosaries and vestments. All these goods are made with love and prayers and bring blessings to their owners. We are happy and thanking God for the opportunity to introduce and offer them for your attention.
Sisters of St Elisabeth Convent


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