Jesus calls us to “Love one another” many times in Holy Scripture. That admonition seems so simple. Yet, many of us struggle with it. It is as if the Lord says to us, “Stewardship is actually quite simple. Rather than trying to grapple with definitions and specifics, if you just do this, you will indeed be living lives of stewardship: Love one another.”

How is that love reflected in stewardship? Paul and Barnabas in the first reading exemplify stewardship by proclaiming the Good News; however, their willingness to travel so extensively and to meet so many and to work with them can be summarized with the word “persistence.” That is what our approach to stewardship needs to be persistent and consistent.

As John says in the second reading from Acts, it is time for us to make all things new. That, too, is what stewardship calls us to do, especially during this Easter season, a time when we should solidify our plans and efforts from Lent and Easter.

Finally, Jesus does more than just tell us to “Love one another” in today’s Gospel. He also reminds us that this is merely a reflection of the love He has and has shown for us. The more filled we are with the love of Christ, the more love we have, and the better stewards we can be.

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