Fr Hayes

Well we had our Parish Concert, “A Banjo Sandwich“. Mind you a banjo was one of the few things Father Andrew Hayes didn’t actually play. He played keyboards, guitar, ukelele, mouth organ, whistle and others but not a banjo. The banjo sandwich came from the fact that the show started with and finished with, readings from The Bard of the Bush, Banjo Paterson.
Sandwiched between the works of Banjo Paterson were poetry and prose readings, almost all original, songs and stories, equally original, sing-a-longs and various audience participation segments.
The audience was laughing from the first minute, and probably there were a few tears shed during the reading of the “Black Saturday” poem although the part that affected me the most was the reading of “I Married a Vet“.
There was a surprisingly large turnout for a frosty winters night and I feel safe saying that everyone had a wonderful time. If fact it took Fr Andrew several attempts to get the audience to even begin to leave.
It was a packed two hours of entertainment, reflection, and community.


PS……if you were there leave a comment below. (Click on “Leave a Reply)

ABC interview with Fr Andrew’s Band The Stumpy Gully Bush Band here.
Website here.

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