A number of school age children will be baptised at the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 24 November, the Feast of Christ the King. If you have children who wish to be baptised at that time please contact the Parish Office on 97441060 or Richard Hallett on 0421471073 as soon as possible.  Preparation will start at 4pm at St Anne’s Church on Wednesday 6 November.

Prayer For Yr 12s

God our Father, We pray for the students of Year 12, 2013. We especially pray for the well-being of all the students of Year 12 in our local community who now begin the process of journeying towards a new chapter in their lives. As they commence a period of examinations or finalising their commitments to their work places and certificates, we who have been fortunate enough to know them, ask for your guidance and support and your love and goodness be extended to all members of the class of 2013 over the coming final days, weeks and months ahead, as they make important decisions about their futures. As a parish community, we ask that the class of 2013 be blessed with the wisdom to make wise choices and clarity of vision to see the pathway that may lie before them. We ask that the class of 2013 be blessed with the success and rewards that comes with effort and commitment.
We pray that our Year 12s may never fail to realise that the intentions of many who place their trust in God to watch over and guide them, are not mere words but genuine heartfelt desires that they will always be happy and well.
We pray for Year 12s, that amidst all their fears about the future and the worry and stress of exams, that the peace and surety that can come from confidence in their friendship with Christ will comfort them. And we pray that the Lord be always at their side and may they continue to grow in his love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
……Stephen Connelly, SCR

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