Letter of St James
Letter of St James. Early Church Communication

At the Festival of Carols and Readings some women were discussing how to get more people aware of the event for next time, as it was so good, and when it was suggested that it was published on Parish social media, the response was that they never read the Parish website or Facebook. Parishioners also voice this same opinion at Parish gatherings. Nevertheless the parish website during Christmas week had 150 visitors who read 399 pages of parish information, videos, and photos. The Facebook page had 49 visitors in the same timeframe. 33 people have Facebook set to send them a message on their phone when anything new is posted. 21% of Facebook visitors are women aged 18-34 and astonishingly another 21% are women aged over 55. The next step in promoting Parish communication could be to get more parishioners to comment on events and direction in the Parish by leaving remarks, comments, or opinions on the website and make it a two way pipeline for information. You can use a non-de-plume which will be visible to all, and an email address which will not be visible. The website was initially setup so any parishioners who were not at our Parish Mass could still get a copy of the newsletter and see what’s going on in the Parish. We also hoped to get feedback on the Parish but that still needs parishioners to take up the opportunities available.

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