The Catholic population grew 9.8% in the years 2006 to 2011 to 13232 persons, 35% of the total population. The number of Catholic households is 5855, where 755 Catholics live alone. The total population of our area increased by 8.6% to 36238.
The number of parishioners requiring assistance in self-care, communication and mobility was 565; those Catholics providing unpaid help were 1252.
Those unemployed were 4%, though those aged 15-24 who are in the labour force and unemployed at the time of 2011 were 8.6% (10.2% Australian average).
Those parishioners born in Australia are 83%; other countries:
2.4% Italy,
2% UK,
1.6% Malta,
1.2% Philippines,
1.1% India,

1% Ireland (21 other countries under 1%)
12% of our families are one-parent families (Australian average ); 56% of couples have mixed religions, 15% are de facto.
83% of families own or are purchasing their homes.
-from material prepared by the Pastoral Research Office of Australian Bishops from census data from Australian Bureau of Statistics

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