Our Parish and both of our Primary Schools are very happy to announce the Kinder Kinda Program starting on 29 April in the Parish Centre each Tuesday morning during school term. The Kinder Kinda program runs from 9.15am to 10.15am. Mums stay with their kids for the session, so everyone learns lots of stuff. We met with Natalie from Victoria University on Wednesday morning to discuss how this program can help the families and children of our parish. Natalie introduced the program by explaining that children- from babies to preschoolers- and their parent/ grandparent can attend the weekly sessions free of charge. The young teachers in training from Victoria University will organize the fun sessions and lead the families with educational play. The parish and schools see this as a great beginning for families:

  • Youngsters access early childhood learning play for development of literacy and numeracy and motor skills
  • Parents/ Grandparents get to meet other parents/ grandparents and feel part of the community
  • Parents/ Grandparents will learn skills to help their children with early social and educational development
  • Young teachers from Victoria University will learn how to teach youngsters and develop fun and engaging activities with age appropriate games.

We hope that you will support the program by letting relatives know as it is a really great community project which will strengthen the community support to all families.
34 other communities are already running the program with great success.

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