NO ALCOHOL—TEENAGERS SHOW THE WAY: The National Drug and Alcohol Council this week released a study of Australian youth aged between 14 and 17 which found that the number of teenagers not drinking alcohol has risen to 50% up from 33% in 2001. The lessening of alcohol consumption has also been found in the U.K and Scandinavia.

ORTHODOX ECUMENICAL COUNCIL IN 2016: will be the first such council for 1,200 years. The Orthodox bishops representing 250 million Orthodox Christians will meet in Istanbul. One leader stated the Orthodox Churches are too isolated from the world. “A traditional Church does not mean a fossilised Church.” Pressing problems included the environment, poverty, secularization, bioethics and persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

MERCY SISTERS NURSED IN CRIMEA: During the war of 1854-6, Sisters of Mercy worked alongside Florence Nightingale who later supported the Sisters in their plans to develop nurse training in Dublin, when they opened the first hospital for all, including those unable to pay. Previously only those who could pay went to a hospital.

GRANDPARENTS AS CARERS: In Australia today, there are 30,000 grandparents as the main carers of their grandchildren. If you are such a carer in this very tiring position some benefits and counseling is available at Centrelink.

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