On 23 August, Jordanian Muslims and Christians walked hand in hand to denounce violence in the Middle East. Starting from a mosque next to the Coptic Orthodox Church, they carried banners “Muslims and Christians are together” as the Muslim call for prayer and church bells were heard at the same time to show the unity of Jordanians. (Report in “Jordan Times”)
Along the same vein, on September 26, Archbishop Denis Hart wrote an article for “The Australian” newspaper. The full article is posted on the Noticeboard in St Anne’s Foyer. The article encompasses the need to embrace the Muslim community at this time of proactive raids on terror extremists all around Australia. Archbishop Hart explains that the majority of Muslims lead simple good lives, as we do, and want a peaceful life. It is the small group of extremists who are causing the problems for the entire community. He asks us all to show kindness and compassion to the Muslim community so they know that we are understanding of their plight. For there to be peace in our world we must try to accept each other– including all the differences we have– so the terrorists will not succeed in division and war in our desire for a peaceful world. For those who wish to read the entire letter, please follow the hyperlink Portals/1/Reach%20out%20to%20the%20Muslim%20community.pdf

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