Hello dear parishioner’s of Our Lady of Mt Carmel! I am delighted to be part of the parish team this year. The pastoral role I am undertaking for the team, is with a focus on the Sacramental programs for the beautiful children of our community. It is a privilege to be here and to serve in this way. I am here to join forces with the good school leaders and teachers, to enrich the lives of these children with matters of the heart, namely their faith life.
Having travelled to India, America and South America I am always fascinated by the hope and spiritual resilience of our young people. This is the hope we foster here in Sunbury, and I am delighted to join you in this mission. As community members, we share the same goal to live as fully as we can as Christians in a tumultuous world. Please join me in praying  for all members of our parish family, including the young people in all of our schools. I look forward to meeting many of you individually, and sharing with you in ways we can enrich this vibrant parish.
All best wishes, Kathryn J

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