Our parish has a theme of “Welcome to the Table” for 2015. This theme carries forward from the theme in Advent of “Welcome at the Inn”. When we welcome others to the table of the Lord at Lent, we are serving each other. Through- out Lent, our choirs will sing “The Servant Song” as our entrance hymn. The hymn asks us to serve each other, as servants, and then to accept the service of others also. As mentioned in the ministry sign up newsletter item, many parishioners serve others in the various parish ministries. Service is all around us. We serve our families by going to work and helping them in daily life; we serve our communities in various ways also. Please remember to welcome each other to the Table of the Lord. It is there we give spiritual nourishment to each other– which is needed in these challeng- ing days. Our own Sunbury community kitchen is receiving high numbers of people who struggle to receive enough food. Maybe there is something you can identify in your life that will call you to action! Jesus acted as a servant to us all. It is our time to remember what he teaches us every week– to serve one another! Our Parish theme reminds us all that we are all welcome at church and we are all valued by our parish community.

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