My dear friends,
This weekend we commence a special program — a Parish Stewardship Program. We undertake the Program recognising that “Parishes are the Heartbeat of the Church.”
Over the next few weeks we will ask ourselves what it means to be a part of our parish community. We will reflect on the three key areas that identify our parish as a special community of faith:
Firstly, that we are a parish which celebrates faith. We know the importance of gathering as a community to celebrate the Eucharist at Mass, We know that it is the foundation of who we are as a Catholic community. But importantly, we don’t merely attend Mass, we celebrate our faith. As Pope Francis says, “……… it is a beautiful thing to do.”
Secondly, that we are a parish that values engagement. We recognise the importance of being involved in parish groups and ministries. We encourage parishioners to be involved in the many opportunities available to nurture, grow and live our faith — as listed in the Program Time & Talent sheet.
Thirdly, we are a parish that supports generously. We firmly believe in the need to plan and budget for our personal financial commitment to our parish – giving us the resources to sustain our parish today and to grow and respond to Pope Francis’ call to Mission.
| encourage your active involvement in the Program – read the materials, listen to our speakers and discuss the issues with your family and friends. I also invite you to attend the key meeting of the Program —the Parish Information Meeting.
Let us all use this Program as a wonderful opportunity to grow our community of faith in our parish
Yours in Christ,

Rev Kevin McIntosh
Parish Priest

Dear fellow parishioners,
Father Kevin has asked me to be the Chairperson of our Parish Stewardship Program and I am happy to offer and use the gifts I have for this Program.
Together with my fellow members of the Program Leadership Team, i have met with Lorella Di Paolo from the Parish Development Office of the Archdiocese who will be guiding us through the Program. We have all been impressed with the message and structure of the Program and believe it will provide a wonderful opportunity to reflect, discuss and reaffirm what it means to be a parishioner here at our parish.
We are confident that with your support and involvement the Program can bring great benefits for us all as individuals as well as for our entire parish community. I endorse the Program and encourage your active participation. Throughout the course of the Program, please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.

Warm Regards,
Karen Rose


The brochure which includes the Stewardship Pledge Card can be seen and downloaded here.

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