Today we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of one of our respected parish priests Fr Jim Feenan. Born in Northern Ireland in 1926, he received his formation as a priest at Carlow in the Republic of Ireland. After being ordained on 10 June 1956, he came to Melbourne. In 1973, he was appointed parish priest of Sunbury. With the opening of the airport at Tullamarine in 1970, Sunbury was beginning to grow. In 1974, he oversaw the purchase of land for another school in Stewarts Lane. At the Parish Education Board they named the new school St Anne’s.
Fr Jim began celebrating Mass each Saturday at Sunbury Training Centre later called Caloola. He also commenced religious education for children at government schools. He helped renovate the convent and presbytery. In 1977, he was appointed parish priest at Manifold Heights in Geelong from where he retired in 1990. Since then, he has assisted parishes in the Geelong area and Bellarine Peninsula. Fr Feenan concelebrated the 10.30am Mass.

Fr Jim Feenan-6 Fr Jim Feenan-4 Fr Jim Feenan-5

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