A post on the Facebook page of our overseas project “Lentera Anak Pelangi” about a program launched to get everyone HIV tested so all can know their status. It is a twitter challenge #sayaberani (English=I DARE YOU!) that each person can send to all their followers.


From Natasya Sitorus (Advocacy Manager)
Fight for the fulfillment of human rights of children with HIV. Participate in the challenge #sayaberani (I DARE YOU!)
80% of women / mothers whose children are in the program run by Rainbow Kids Lantern never followed the Prevention Program of Mother to Child Transmission (PPIA). Not at all. They are not lazy or can not access the service. This happens because they do not know they are infected with HIV until the onset of illness when their children are aged between 2 months and 5 years.

Doctors became suspicious of symptoms in the majority of children found with HIV during HIV testing in children. 99% of cases of children diagnosed with HIV under 5 years of age are infected from their mothers, either while still in the womb, at birth, or breastfeeding.

If all women planning a pregnancy can know their HIV status, then of course they can follow Prevention Program of Mother to Child Transmission (PPIA) from the beginning of pregnancy and reduce the risk of transmission to their children.

So! I challenge you to take the challenge #SayaBerani (I DARE YOU!), a campaign to encourage as many people to know their status through HIV testing. HIV testing is not a terrible thing. Know our status, protect couples, protect our families, protect our children.

HIV testing and PPIA is also a real effort implicitly mandated by Indonesian Law No. 35 of 2014 regarding Child Protection. Article 46 states that the State, Government, Local Government, Family, and Parent shall see to it that children born to avoid the diseases that threaten the survival and / or cause disability.

For more information on our parish project, click here to go to the page on our parish website.

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