ASH WEDNESDAY– 1 MARCH 2017 (Mass Times etc)

This will signal the start of the Church season of Lent. Lent is a time to recall our baptism and to seek to make ourselves better people by living true Christian values.
Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (14 April) are days of Fasting and abstinence from meat. On all other Fridays, except solemnities, the law of the common practice of penance is fulfilled by performing any one of the following:
Prayer-personal or communal prayer in any form. Archbishop
Hart recommends 15 minutes at night slowly reading, praying and reflecting on the daily gospel. Pope Francis reminds us that “The Word is a gift”.
Self Denial– could include giving to Project Compassion or Fasting. Self Denial frees our mind and our resources. What money or time we do not spend on ourselves, we need to spend on the benefit of others.
Helping Others– look to our neighbours and family who may need support in any way. Don’t forget the aged, the lonely, the sick, the refugees. If you can reach-out during Lent, it is a good time to start.
Lent is an opportunity to improve the way we live out our Christian values and to make our lives and the lives of others better. Ash Wednesday Masses are as follows:

  • 9.30am St Anne’s (with St Anne’s Primary School)
  • 12.30pm OLMC (with OLMC Primary School)
  • 7.00pm St Anne’s

Archbishops Message for Lent 2017: a message from Archbishop Denis Hart is on the Noticeboard in the foyer of St Anne’s Church.

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