Ministry Teams (note there may be some overlap)

– Lectors & Commentators:  To read the word of the Lord at Mass on a roster. Commentators will welcome parishioners and make announcements.

– Musicians & Singers:  To uplift our Masses

– Ministers of Communion

– Altar Servers: Open to boys and girls who have celebrated First Communion

– Baptism Preparation: welcome and instruct families wanting to baptize their children

– Catechetic: a program for children who attend Government schools who would like to celebrate their Sacraments

– Children’s Liturgy

Prayer, Service and Formation Teams

– RCIA Team: Are involved in Initiating Adults into the Catholic faith

– Legion of Mary: Meet every Tuesday to pray together and to reach out to parishioners

– Knights of the Southern Cross: An organization of catholic men who support the educational, charitable, religious and social welfare needs of the parish

– EMMAUS Charismatic Prayer Group: meeting held every Thursday morning in the Chapel

–Small Christian Communities

Support Teams

– Creative Tech: operate laptops, audio, cameras, graphics and lights at events

– Office Support: help with administrative tasks in the office

– Counting monies support: count money and get it ready for banking

– Mass Hosts: set up and pack up weekend Masses on roster

– Pastoral Visitors: visit with the homebound and hospitalized. Take Communion to those at home and/or the Nursing Homes

– Pastoral Assistance: assist people who have no transport but need to get to Mass or Shops or Medical Appointments

– Bingo Helper: running the parish bingo at the Sunbury Football Club every Thursday night

Maintenance Teams

– Parish Posties: deliver our Neighbourhood Newsletter to all our Catholic families three times per year

–Gift Shop

–Church Linen: Wash and iron linen

–Church Cleaning

–Altar care


–Welcoming Team: hand out the newsletter at each Mass and welcome each parishioner

Various Groups

SOCIAL JUSTICE:  We have a small team who promote issues of Social Justice in our parish. We would love to hear from you if you have a passion for Social Justice.

YOUTH GROUP:  Our youth group has many activities that they coordinate each year for the parish and they sup- port our other groups financially from any fundraising they do. New members are always welcome.

OVERSEAS HUMANITARIAN PROJECT:  This project has a small committee who coordinate the promotion of the needs of the orphans in Jakarta that our parish has been supporting since …..

PARISH HISTORICAL GROUP:  Our small team preserve our parish’s rich history. If you have a love for History, please join in.

EVERGREENS: Our Seniors are always looking for people to join them as they arrange gatherings and outings.

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