A number of young people from the northern region of the Archdiocese have decided to work together to take a combined group to the Festival as a ‘Northern Region Collective’, and would like to welcome other young people from parishes in the region. This provides an opportunity for young people from Our Lady of Mt Carmel’s to meet other young people, make new friends and enjoy the Festival in a supported group environment.

There are two ways of registering:

· Participants aged over 18 can simply register themselves individually. The Northern Region Collective organisers will then contact them with information about transportation and accommodation. Click here ‘ACYF – Northern Region Collective Information – Individual Registration Information‘  for more information.

· Participants aged under 18 will need to be accompanied by a leader from your parish and registered as a parish group. This leader will work with the Northern Region Collective Organisers on the logistical planning for their group. Click here ‘ACYF – Northern Region Collective Information’ for more information. Registration and consent forms are also available to assist your leader.

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