On this coming weekend (27/28 February) the special collection will be for the LAP Group who look after children living with HIV/AIDS in the very poorest slum areas of Jakarta Indonesia. You can see in the image above some of the children in a happy mood – despite the appalling conditions in which they live.
At this critical time for the LAP Team it’s worth reflecting on the challenges they face – in particular:
Over the past year Indonesia has been devastated by the Corona virus, causing deaths at a rate almost three times that of Australia on a per head of population basis.
This has created additional challenges for the LAP Team. For example, just in the past week we have learned that two of the LAP case managers had contracted the virus. Even worse, one of the LAP children became ill but the family were too afraid of the conditions at the hospital to take him in for treatment. Sadly, he subsequently died.

Due to the Victorian Corona restrictions, we have not been able to conduct any of the usual fundraising campaigns at Masses for the past year.

We are anxious to return our support for the children to pre-Corona levels – particularly as we understand that one of the Indonesian-based sponsors of LAP is unable to continue their financial support this year.
Your generous donations go directly to providing the crucial care these children need by way of milk and multi vitamin medication which are essential to maintaining their health.
Significantly, your contributions account for over 25% of the total LAP budget for this aspect of their work. THEY ARE THEREFORE AGAIN RELYING US in order to continue their work this year.
If you are unable to attend Mass on the weekend and would like to assist LAP with their work you can make a donation directly to the following parish account established specifically for contributions to LAP.

BSB 083347,

ACCOUNT NO. 546358602


Thank you for your wonderful generosity over the past seven years.

Parish LAP Fundraising Team.

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