Children of LAP

On the weekend of 27/28 November a special collection at all Masses will be taken up for LAP, the Indonesian-based charity that our parishioners have been supporting for the past eight years..

LAP is a small team who care for children living with HIV/AIDS in the very poorest slum areas of Jakarta. You can see in the images above some of the children in a happy mood – despite the appalling conditions in which they live, made even worse by the Corona virus pandemic.

The recent newsletter we received from the LAP team provided some encouraging insights into how the team is providing care for the HIV children, despite the significant pandemic challenges.

In particular:

LAP continues to care for 88 children, of which at least 16 are now teenagers and are Covid vaccinated.
Due to the pandemic, where the family has a mobile phone, the Team monitors the condition of the children using video calls. Otherwise a visit to the home is made.
Despite risk to their health, the LAP Case Managers still attend hospitals to collect anti-retroviral medication for the children and deliver nutritional supplements to their homes.
LAP has launched an on-line training school to educate volunteers in HIV, child protection policies and other key topics

You may like to click on the “Dare to Dream” link below which will take you to a short LAP video illustrating the aspirations that the HIV children have when they grow up.

It’s heart-warming and inspirational and is sub-titled in English.

If you are unable to attend Mass on the 27/28th weekend and would like to assist LAP with their work you can make a donation directly to the following parish account established specifically for contributions to LAP


Thank you for your ongoing support for the HIV children, it’s even more crucial during these Covid times

Parish LAP Fundraising Team.

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