As we celebrate the Christmas season, we would like to thank everyone in the Parish for your generous contributions to the LAP team in Jakarta throughout the year.

The latest newsletter received from LAP outlines several initiatives launched by the team that have only been possible with the support from our parishioners.

Highlights included:
Case workers are continuing to collect and distribute milk and nutritional support to over one hundred HIV- AIDS children, despite the ongoing Covid threat.
Using on-line platforms, LAP has expanded their counselling and peer support services beyond Jakarta to regional areas, enabling more children and care-givers to be supported.
The LAP team has now set up Computer and Programming classes covering fourteen sessions to help teenagers become “job-ready”. Already sixteen young people have enrolled.

Your contributions go directly to funding the milk and vitamins essential for maintaining the health of the children and to supporting the case workers who are driving these new initiatives.

Thank you again. May we wish everyone all the blessings of Christmas and a very happy New Year…

Marilou Elderfield, Victoria Fitzpatrick, Mick Hetherington, Helen Lee, Frank O’Connor, Teresa Quin, Jill, and Tony Kiley

On behalf of the Parish LAP Fundraising Team

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