The MacKillop Cross that resides in the MacKillop Place Museum at North Sydney is presently visiting all dioceses and parishes that have had a connection with the Sisters of St Joseph, the order founded by Mary MacKillop. The Cross will be in Sunbury next Saturday night coinciding with the 6.00pm Mass. Parishioners are invited to view the Cross and share in the historic nature of the visit.
Tea/coffee available after Mass.

Some more information about the Pilgrimage of the Cross from the Sydney Archdiocese
Original can be seen here.

Every two years, the Knights of the Southern Cross organise a Festival of Faith to coincide with Pentecost. But this year’s celebration of Catholic culture by the Knights has been postponed from 21-23 May, as originally planned, and instead will now take place in October when their patron, Blessed Mother Mary MacKillop will be canonised by Pope Benedict XVI.

“The Knights of the Southern Cross have a close association with Mary MacKillop and after close cconsultation with the Dean of St Mary’s Cathedral, Fr Paul Hilder and the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, we decided to reschedule the Festival this year and make it part of the canonisation celebrations in October,”

says Greg Briscoe-Hough, events manager for the Knights of the Southern Cross NSW.

For this reason the planned art displays, music competitions, concerts, Catholic Men’s Forum, Festival Dinner, food fest and other events will now be held over a two month period from August 8, the 101th anniversary of Mary MacKillop’s death, until Sunday, October 17 when the co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart will be canonised and become Australia’s first Saint.

But of all the events planned, the most moving will be the pilgrimage of the MacKillop Cross. The MacKillop Cross which resides in Mary MacKillop Place Museum at North Sydney, will begin its Pilgrimage across South Eastern Australia on August 8 this year, and will be carried by members of the knights to every diocese and Cathedral in NSW, Victoria and SA as well as the Military Ordinariate. The Cross will also be taken to as many schools and establishments run by the Sisters of St Joseph as possible including the original MacKillop schoolhouse in Penola, South Australia.

For the Knights of the Southern Cross, the school in Penola has special meaning. Not only is this where Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison-Woods founded their first school and later, the Order of the Sisters of Joseph of the Sacred Heart, but it is from the original wooden floor of the Penola school that the MacKillop Cross was fashioned.

The story of the MacKillop Cross dates back to 1986 when the Knights of the Southern Cross made a pilgrimage to 12 dioceses in NSW, Victoria and South Australia, to lobby Australia’s bishops to pursue the canonisation of their patron.

During the pilgrimage, they visited Penola and attended a special thanksgiving Mass at the historic picturesque St Joseph’s Church which was founded by Fr Tenison-Woods and is close to the little schoolhouse where Mary ran her first school.

“The Knights from Penola had taken the timbers from the original floor of the schoolhouse when a new floor was laid, and they presented the Sydney chapter of the Knights with four pieces of these timbers,”says Greg.

“Two of the timbers measured nine feet (274.3 cm) in length with the other two measuring four feet six inches (137.2 cm) from which two Crosses were made,”Greg explains.

Both were constructed by the Knights of the Southern Cross NSW, and French polished by one of the chapter’s members. Then one of the Crosses was presented to Pope John Paul II during his open air Mass at Randwick in 1986, while the other – dubbed the MacKillop Cross – was given to St Mary’s Cathedral. In 1995, the MacKillop Cross played a key role in the Beatification ceremonies for Mary MacKillop. Then for several years it seems to have been mislaid, only resurfacing late last year when it was refurbished and then presented by the Knights of the Southern Cross to the Sisters of St Joseph.. The presentation was made on 8 December 2009 after the Cross had been carried in the Entrance Procession at the midday Mass celebrated at the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel.

Now the Cross is about to go on the move again and as with the World Youth Day Cross will be seen, touched and celebrated by thousands as it makes its journey from Mary MacKillop Place on August 8 to the Dioceses of Broken Bay, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga , Bathurst and then heads south to Victoria and then across to South Australia.

The 2010 Pilgrimage will end back at Mary MacKillop Place when the Knights of the Southern Cross will continue their celebrations of their patron’s canonisation with art shows, music, concerts and an even more expanded program than their normal biennial Pentecost Festival of Faith.


Saturday some of the Knights of the Southern Cross from Sunbury and Riddells Creek took themselves on a day of meditating on God’s creation in the Darraweit area. The total silence, except for the birds and animals, and no phone reception allowed all present to relax from the working week (There was one person with a radio in his ear for the races but I guess you can’t give up everything). Some of the wives came and even a daughter and grandson.

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As some parishioners will be aware, two former parish priests are buried in the Sunbury Cemetery and the graves are maintained by members of the Knights of the Southern Cross.
If anyone would like to know where the graves are located and would like to view the graves, a member of the KSC will be at front gate of the cemetery next Saturday morning at 9.30am.


The Dance has been the talk of the town-what a fabulous night with children dancing with their parents, students with their teachers and grandchildren with their grandparents. The shed at Pat Reddan’s farm had been transformed with tractors and farming equipment tidied, murals painted by the children of OLMC School and a sausage sizzle by the youth group. Between 450 and 500 people enjoyed this second event of our century year. Congratulations to the committee.

Some photos are to be seen on the earlier report


We started our first meeting for 2010 with a prayer and reflection on the current “Year for Priests”. We prayed

That the Simplicity of the Gospel may reach the ends of the Earth

We then recited Mary’s Magnificat, followed by a reading from Mark

Jesus called them and said, `You know the people who rule over countries make their people obey them. The great will tell the others what to do.
But that is not the way it is among you. Anyone among you who wants to be great must help the others.
Anyone among you who wants to be first shall be a servant to the others.
The Son of Man did not come to have others help him. But he came to help others. He came to give his life to make many people free.’

We continued with prayers of intersession and finished with the Lord’s Prayer.

Then it was down to the evening’s business.
We looked again at “Journeying Together”, the book of analysis and diagnosis that resulted from the continuing Parish Renewal sessions held in August and September 2006. In particular we looked at the problems with the then current structures for Parish Decision-Making and with the current structures for Making Proposals and for Planning. The basic problem was seen to be that the decision makers were unrepresentative and that there was no means of reporting back. Also that the processes have to be sufficiently visible so as to promote participation.
With this in mind we decided to move the proposed Parish Assembly back a little and hold a Formation Session of one and a half hours for Neighbourhood Teams, groups of Parish Posties, and indeed anyone who may be interested. These sessions will cover both the spirituality of what needs to be done as well as the practicalities. There will be a choice of times and dates (2nd and 3rd March) to try and spread as wide a net as possible. It is then to be hoped that the attendees will take the information back to their neighbourhoods, groups, friends etc. and assist the whole parish to become an active participant in the upcoming Assembly.

The Dedication of the Altar, Ambo, etc. at St Anne’s Church was discussed, as was the working bee for cleaning up around the church on the 6th Feb from 9.00am to 12.00. Indeed a group from the local Knights of the Southern Cross were out shortly after this meeting removing dead wood etc from the St Anne’s grounds.

The next item was a discussion of activities for the second half of the Year for Priests. Tenative proposals were for a dinner on the 23rd May and a working bee around the presbytery.

Finally there was a report back on the Parish Centenary Book (………a work in progress), and a suggestion that an A3 signature booklet be produced in full colour (4 X A4 pages) containing information about the parish and some of our timeline as well. The plan would be to get this publication incorporated into the “Home-Buyers Pack” that is handed out by local real estate firms.

The next meeting will be on the 4th March, immediately following the “Building Communities” formation sessions.


Thanks to  all  who  have  supported  the  activity of our parish by their giving generously of their time and money to support the activity of our parish;

  • worship rosters
  • church cleaning
  • flowers
  • church setting up
  • counters
  • maintenance men
  • bingo workers
  • catechists
  • ministers of communion to the house-bound and those in aged care
  • music ministry
  • neighbourhood coordinators
  • parish posties
  • finance committee
  • school boards
  • liturgy planners
  • Thanksgiving Committee
  • parish coordinating teams
  • parish website, etc.

Thanks also to all those employed in our parish office and our two schools as pastoral, secretarial, support and teaching staff for their wonderful contribution throughout 2009.


More parishioners needed to make up a table for this great night on Friday 2 October 7.00pm at the Atrium Flemington Racecourse.
Compere: Peter Smith
Guest Speaker: John Cardinal Foley.
Proceeds go to the Priests’ Support & Education Fund in which Fr Martin Ashe is involved.
Join with local KSC members and support this worthy cause.
Brochures available at the Welcome Desk in St Anne’s Church.
If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office.


Sunbury Knights at the Football Club
Sunbury Knights at the Football Club

The Knights meeting for the month of July was held in the Dining Room of the Sunbury Football Social Club.

The night kicked off early with a meal which was enjoyed by all. I am told that all the meals were of a very high quality and were of a very satisfactory price.

Some of those of us who didn’t have to watch their waistlines (or could still see their waistlines) even hopped into dessert, as can be seen above. Brothers John and Peter are showing admirable restraint with temptation just an arms reach away!

Investing Brother John from Riddells Creek
Investing Brother John from Riddells Creek

Adding an extra importance to the night was the investiture of John Attard from Riddells Creek as a new member of the Sunbury Branch of the Knights of the Southern Cross. These men do so much for the local and wider church that goes unheralded from helping at Southern Cross Homes (which they started) to ushers in the Cathederal and maintenance of the parishes property. New members are warmly welcomed.


Note early start time

The Monthly Meeting for July will be a dinner meeting in the clubrooms of the Sunbury Football Club on Clarke Oval at 7.00pm this Wednesday.

If anyone knows of a member who doesn’t have email or internet access, and who wasn’t at the last meeting, can they pass the information on.


This will take place on next Wednesday. Please remember him in your prayers as he undertakes his new ministry for the eastern region of the Archdiocese.

Any Knights who can assist.

There are 13 Bishops arriving on different flights on Wednesday between 1:30 and 4:30 pm at Melbourne Airport and we desperatly need drivers to transport them to the Cathedral. Similarly, I need drivers to take them back on Thursday with flights leaving at 7:00am to noon. They need to be at the airport an hour before their flight.

Check with Knights who aren’t on email to see if they can help.

Also more ushers are needed Wednesday from 6:00pm.
Call the K.S.C.V. office on 9899 9612

St Paul’s Letters

St Pauls Letters in perspective.


Fr Bert gave a talk at our recent Knights of the Southern Cross meeting taking St Paul as his theme as it’s the year of St Paul. He gave us a “timeline” through the life of St Paul using the letters of St Paul himself rather than the more spectacular accounts written by St Luke. Having established what St Paul was doing, where he was doing it, and why he was doing it, Fr Bert then tied the letters of St Paul to the different circumstances and events at that time when the letters were written.
I’m quite certain that the understanding of the letters of St Paul was enhanced for all who were present.