Last Saturday night the Knights of the Southern Cross held their Remembrance Mass for their deceased members and their wives at St Anne’s Church Sunbury. Chairman John Attard welcomed all the members and guests and Kevin Smith read the names of those departed. Fr Bert said grace and after a great dinner Tom Allen was presented with a Service Medal and before the night came to a close everyone sang Happy Birthday to Fr Bert.

Here is a clip from the Parish Facebook page.

Knights of the Southern Cross Christmas Function 2015

The Knights of the Southern Cross Sunbury Riddell and Gisbourne held their Christmas Dinner and Presentation Night on Saturday 5th December. Present were widows of past members, Fr Bert, Sr Jose, John Attard Branch Chairman, Stuart Robertson District Chairman, John Hennessy the State Chairman, and Colin Walsh the Senior Vice-Chairman of the International Order of Catholic Knights. As well as members, wives and guests.

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On Wednesday 16 July, we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, our patron, in two appropriate ways: with a school and parish Mass at 12.30pm at OLMC and with a parish meeting at St Anne’s Primary School at 7.30pm. The old OLMC church was packed with school children and parishioners joyfully celebrating the feast of Mary our Mother and patron of our parish. I would like to say more about this Mass and the reverent way our children entered heart and soul in this liturgical celebration, but the purpose of this article is to report on the event that took place in the evening of that same day.
Led nobly by our parish team – Lyn Plummer, Richard Hallett, Sr Jose and Joanne Spiteri – sixty parishioners representing various active groups in our parish attended our inaugural Parish Meeting Night. I went partly as a participant and partly as an observer and reporter. I came away from the meeting heartened and impressed by these people who go the extra mile to give life to our parish.
For the record these were the names of the groups represented at our meeting: Baptism Preparation Team, Knights of the Southern  Cross, Liturgy Planning  Group, Overseas  Humanitarian  Project,  Maintenance,  Marriage Encounter,  Neighbourhood  Development,  RCIA, School Advisory  Committee  OLMC & St Anne’s,  Small Christian Communities, St Vincent de Paul and Youth Group.
Sixty  people represented YOU, our brothers and sisters in Christ, you who  share with  us the Eucharist that  binds us  together in communion with  Christ Jesus. Ours  is not  a perfect parish – no  parish can  boast that  it is – but  there is much to  like  about our  parish and  much to  be  thankful for  as  we  celebrate this  weekend the  feast  of  Our  Lady  of  Mt Carmel and look  forward to the feast  of St Anne and St Joachim. May  God  continue to bless  our parish.

Fr Bert  Fulbrook sdb


This year our parish theme is Year of Growth. On the weekend of 15 & 16 February and 22 & 23 February, we will have our Parish Expo. In the foyer of St Anne’s church will be A3 pages with descriptions of the various ministries. Currently the number of parishioners in ministries is really good, but we are looking for new people to help out as well. It will mean our parish will continue to grow and for everyone to feel part of a vibrant and great community. We encourage you all to become part of at least one ministry and try it for just one year. If you like it, continue for another year but if you prefer to explore something else, you can! You can sign up on the A3 pages in the foyer, or be part of the Sign up weekend on 22 & 23 February and 1 & 2 March– Just before Lent!  We will ask people at Mass to sign up for a ministry, then will contact them to advise of training for their chosen ministry. It is an opportunity to share our talents with others and  receive the talents of others.


Saturday 7 September, 2013

Over 30 Parishioners gathered in good spirit, commencing with prayer.
Michael McConville again facilitated with humour and encouragement.
Several apologies were noted.

Time was spent reviewing the proposals and outcomes of 2012 and the Parish Target “the people of OLMC Parish have become a Christian community in which we value one another and use our gifts for the good of all”

There were presentations from the Parish Primary School Principals. Noelene and Paul spoke of a program in collaboration with Salesian College that will enable the successful transition to Year 7, benefiting the students both socially and academically. The Religious Education Leaders, Rosalba and Colin with Richard outlined the RE program (based on the RCIA model), the Sacramental celebrations and the “Parenting in Faith” programs offered to parents.
Many of our Parish groups presented to the Assembly, outlining their work, plans and suggested proposals for the next year.
They included: Maintenance Team and Parish Centre Management, JG Community Garden, Knights of the Southern Cross, Justice and Historical Group. The Ecumenical group, Legion of Mary, RCIA, Baptismal Preparation Team and Emmaus Prayer Group were also represented. As was Bingo, Parish Web Page, Evergreens, RSJ associates, Children’s Liturgy and some of our Parish Neighbourhoods. There was a report on the Neighbourhood structure and Fr Kevin presented proposals on behalf of the Pastoral Team.
We heard of the incredible work of Saint Vincent de Paul, assisting their Sunbury clients with many hours of support and $8000 each month. The Conference is always in need of support with appeals and voluntary work.
The Youth Group are working to encourage parents and youth alike to become involved in liturgy and social gatherings.
Proposals, that were presented, to be considered by the Pastoral Coordinating Team include the financial support of an Overseas Project, Monthly Meeting Plan and a Parish Expo, maintenance issues of Parish property and involvement of Baptismal families. Other proposals suggested more Parish social gatherings eg picnic and morning teas hosted by Parish groups. Music in Sunday liturgies was discussed, as was the purchase of Liturgical banners for St Anne’s church.
A small group of parishioners gather monthly at Goonawarra Nursing Home for a sing-a-long with residents. Any musicians are warmly invited to join the fun.

All groups who were represented would warmly welcome any queries and/or new members.

Those who attended agreed that our Parish is blessed with many energetic and committed people who give freely of the time and talents for the growth of our Catholic community.

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