This year our parish theme is Year of Growth. On the weekend of 15 & 16 February and 22 & 23 February, we will have our Parish Expo. In the foyer of St Anne’s church will be A3 pages with descriptions of the various ministries. Currently the number of parishioners in ministries is really good, but we are looking for new people to help out as well. It will mean our parish will continue to grow and for everyone to feel part of a vibrant and great community. We encourage you all to become part of at least one ministry and try it for just one year. If you like it, continue for another year but if you prefer to explore something else, you can! You can sign up on the A3 pages in the foyer, or be part of the Sign up weekend on 22 & 23 February and 1 & 2 March– Just before Lent!  We will ask people at Mass to sign up for a ministry, then will contact them to advise of training for their chosen ministry. It is an opportunity to share our talents with others and  receive the talents of others.

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