Jack Flintoft was born in 1921 and baptised by Father Gallivan in January 1922.
In the 1920’s (late) Father Tom O’Ryan was the Parish Priest and he owned a car.  He was the first priest in the parish to do so. 
In the 1930’s the parish was known as St Mary’s.
Jack recalls the confessional cubicles at the back of the church, Our Lady’s Altar on the right side of the church, communion rails where there are now two steps onto the Sanctuary, and the Altar being where the Tabernacle is now.  Mass was celebrated by the priest at the Altar with his back to the people.
In the 1930’s there were four nuns at the convent.  Three taught in the primary school and one was the housekeeper as well as the music teacher.  Sister tried to teach Jack to play the violin without any success – he didn’t become a good violinist.
There were three rooms in the school.  One for grades six, seven and eight.  One for grades three, four and five.  The other for “bubs” one and two.
One of the Sisters decided Jack didn’t sing well enough to be anywhere near the school choir and he had to stay away.
In the original layout of the school area and on the border between the school and the next property there were stables and a residence for the parish gardener.  Earlier the horseman who drove the buggy for the Parish Priest occupied this residence.  Father Gallivan rode his horse around the parish.

Taken from recorded interview 2007
Used with permission 

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