Margaret was born in Sunbury and was one of 5 children.  Both Margaret’s parents were employed at The Hill.
Margaret attended Our Lady of Mt Carmel School and has fond memories of the nuns.  She was taught music at the Convent by a lay person and when she was older took her turn in playing the organ at Mass.
Church rules, school rules and home rules were all mainly strict.  That was the way it was.  No questions were asked and all lived by the rules.
Margaret’s memories of going to Mass were that all the children sat up the front of the Church under the Sisters of St Joseph’s supervision and they were all well behaved.
Upon leaving school Margaret went to work in Melbourne and travelled by train.  There were not many people who owned cars in those days.
Margaret married local man John McMahon.  Margaret was kept busy with her family, the Dairy, and in summer the Fire Brigade, and made time to go to monthly meetings at Our Lady of Mt Carmel.
Margaret remembers the feeling in the community as being a happy place to raise a family.

                            Taken from an interview given in 2007
                            Used with permission

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