???????????????????????????????Prayer of Sorrow: in response to the abuse of children in institutions

On Wednesday 13th November in St Anne’s Church at 7pm, a service called “Prayer of Sorrow: in response to the abuse of children in institutions” will be held.
We wish to acknowledge the abuse that has happened in our Church in the past. We wish to welcome everyone to the service. We invite those who were physically affected by abuse, families of those abused and all parishioners who have felt betrayed by the treatment of the abused by the Church. We would wish that all parishioners could come and by their presence say that we are sorry for the hurt done by our Church. Experts tell us that healing only begins when trust is established. Trust is based on truth. Truth comes packaged in honesty and humility.

The Truth Justice and Healing Council is engaging with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on behalf of the Catholic Church in Australia. CEO, Francis Sullivan, can be contacted on 02 6234 8900 or visit the website:

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