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  • 9.30am   Prayer together
  • 9.45am   Introduction to the 2014 Assembly
  • 9.55am   Read Reports from parish groups and hear from our school principals
  • Jill Gibbs Neighbourhood Garden
  • RCIA
  • Baptism Preparation
  • Social Justice
  • Historical Committee
  • Emmaus Charismatic Prayer Group
  • St Vincent de Paul Society
  • OLMC Youth Group
  • Liturgy Group
  • Small Christian Communities
  • Marriage Encounter
  • Parish Centre Manegement
  • Parish Bingo
  • Primary Schools
  • Various Neighbourhoods
  • Knights of the Southern Cross
  • 10.40am Morning Tea
  • 11.00am Life of our Parish– the year ahead, discuss the Parish Meeting Night, proposals put to the assembly and our neighbourhoods
  • 12.20pm Prayer
  • 12.30pm Close and Farewell

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