Ninety parishioners have volunteered to assist in various ways in our project “Welcome at the Inn”. Forty turned up on Monday night and we set up the stage and altar and 1600 chairs in 25 minutes– a record.
We as Parish thaqnk all the marvelous helpers who made these special Christmas celebrations possible. To make our church welcoming it has been cleaned thoroughly, you may have noticed the beautiful windows! The wonderful Nativity scene has been set up and brings joy to all who see it. The lovely Wreath was put on the Sanctuary for all to see. On Thursday 18 December, the parish office was buzzing with activity as the Christmas Packs that all families will receive at all Christmas Masses, were collated. We had an excellent response from the whole parish to helping out with all Christmas Masses. From being a Special Minister, Collector, Car Park Attendant, Welcomer and Usher, to setting up the Rupertswood Stadium and packing it back up. Attending the Multicultural Day on December 7 and supporting the Vinnies Christmas Appeal are all ways that parishioners supported each other during this precious time, Advent, of waiting for the Saviour to be born.
It is as a community we give thanks to God for the gift of our Saviour Jesus Christ. And by sharing our own gifts with our community we can show our thanks by giving ourselves.

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