During February, our parish will be running Ministry Month. This is an opportunity for all the vibrant groups of the parish to display what their groups do for the parish and to recruit new members. Last year we had a very good result which included about 40 new members to various rosters. Please consider where you would like to be active in the parish and below are some of the roles of the various groups in our parish.

A few of times a year those on altar care roster help by dusting and sweeping the altar, water the plants and do a general tidy up around the church.

Assisting the priest at Mass as an Altar Server provides a great opportunity for young members of our community to take an active role in parish life and for their experience of the Eucharist to grow and develop.  This opportunity is open to all children who are over 10 years of age.  Training and ongoing support are provided.  A roster is developed to suite the times that you are available.

Our Churches are vacuumed fortnightly by a team of great volunteers.  Occasionally there is a need for a cleaning team to prepare the Church for a special occasion.  This valued work can provide the opportunity for a quiet and reflective period.  You may choose to work with a small team.  The work can be done at any time when the church is not in use and a roster can be arranged to suit your availability.

Our Sunday Masses are supported with Audio Visual Presentations.  A rotating roster has someone setting up the Lap top, turning on the screens and working through the prepared Power point, by remote control, following a running sheet.  All training is provided. You would be required no more than once per month at your preferred Mass time.

Our teams hold monthly meetings are held to support families looking to have their children baptised in our parish. Meetings include an information session with the opportunity to book the date of the child’s baptism. Two teams alternate monthly. This is a great way to welcome new families into the parish.

Every Thursday night for the past 21 years, we have enjoyed Bingo at the Sunbury Football Social Club. There is a representative team from the Parish who, while having a great time, have made many friends and raised funds for the Parish needs. You are most welcome to join the team or attend.

The linen used during Mass is washed and ironed and returned to the Sacristy of our Churches for use the following week.

At each Mass a team leader organizes collectors from the congregation. You can choose which Mass you would like to be part of.

A key aspect of our parish life is the care and support of those who are not well or are unable to come to Sunday Mass .  As well as maintaining and demonstrating a strong link with the Church through the reception of Communion, visits from our Ministers of Communion to the Sick also provide an opportunity for conversation, friendship and a sense of belonging.  You may choose to visit people in their homes or in the residential care facilities in our area.  Appropriate training and ongoing sup- port are provided and visiting times are arranged to suit your availability.

At 10.30am Mass on Sunday during school terms, children are invited to be part of the Children’s Liturgy of the Word in the foyer of At Anne’s. We have two leaders with the group of children who coordinate the session. All resources including take home sheets, are prepared for the sessions  and sent to the leaders  two weeks in advance. All training is provided. What better way to share your faith with the children of the parish!

On a rostered basis, a team of parishioners arrange for the collections to be counted in preparation for banking. Each team is rostered approximately every 6 weeks. Counting
is usually Sunday and takes about 2 hours.

The gardening at the Church is looked after by our diligent volunteers who manage to keep the grounds and the church properties in tip top shape! If you are handy in
the garden or love working with your hands, we would love you on our team.

The gift shop at St Anne’s Church is open after each Mass for a short time. No retail experience needed- just a welcoming smile!

A ‘reader’ is the person who proclaims the First and Second Readings during the Liturgy of the Word.  This ministry involves more than just ‘reading’.  When you stand before the assembled community the words that you will speak are not your own; they are God’s Word. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are acting as a prophet, called by God to enable God’s people to be able to hear what God is saying to them today.  The Word of God which you speak sustains the life of each person present and the life of the community.
To exercise this ministry well you will need to grow in your own familiarity with, and understanding of the Scriptures; this experience will greatly enrich your own life and faith.  You will need to prepare with care, and speak clearly and in such a way that your hearers recog- nise that you understand and believe what you are speaking. This is responsible, life-giving work but very rewarding.

The Minsters of Communion at Mass feed the assembled community with the Bread of Life and the Cup of Salvation, just as the disciples did with the loaves and fish.  This is the work of every Christian – to become a ‘waiter’, serving all others.  It is not a work which requires us to be ‘worthy’; none of us is.  It is a work that requires us to want to follow Jesus and to give life to others.   You get to see all kinds of faces, all kinds of hands, all with their different stories, young and old.  Give it a try;  you will not regret it!   Appropriate preparation on what to do and why will be provided and roster arrangements can be made to suit your availability.

The great Saint Augustine said, ‘To sing is to pray twice’.  Musicians and singers enrich the worship life of our community by leading and enabling the community to participate more fully in the celebration of the Liturgy.  They place their unique gifts and talents at the service of the community in such a way that those who might otherwise be unable or unwilling to join in are encouraged and inspired to no longer be merely passive observers but to become more actively involved in the life and celebration of the community.  If you have musical gifts you are envied by those who do not! And these gifts are given to be shared with others.   We have a number of groups already serving our parish and always willing to welcome others to join them.

This Ministry involves preparing the church for the celebration of Mass.  Lights, heating/cooling, preparation of the Altar and of the other items such as chalices, bread and wine etc. needed for Mass.  It also involves putting things away after Mass. This ‘behind the scenes’ work of dedicated service is at the heart of the community’s life.  A roster is arranged to suit the availability of those performing this work and all necessary training will be provided by other friendly team members.

Our Parish office needs help intermittently with folding of the neighbourhood newsletter and packing of Thanksgiving Envelopes. There are 6 times per year when people are required to help with this Ministry. Good company and a cuppa is provided.

Our Parish is made up of 22 “Neighbourhoods” which enables our very large parish to have a more personal connection to one another. Each has a Neighbourhood Coordinator and some Parish Posties.  4 times a year our Posties deliver a newsletter to the letterbox of each of our Parish families within their Neighbourhood. You are very welcome to join our team of Parish Posties and help build our Sunbury community.

Many hands make light work. Everyone is called to Service of some kind.
Training and support will be given to all members on rosters.
Please consider service in the Parish as your Lenten Response.

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