LAP-2Nita Anggriawan (the Program Manager for the LAP Support Group at the Catholic University in Jakarta) visited the parish recently to specifically thank the parish community and our two primary schools for their wonderful generosity over the past 18 months in supporting the HIV AIDS children.

(LATEST) Nita Anggriawan has now returned to Jakarta after her visit to the parish. Nita wanted to pass on her thanks to the parish and our schools for the hospitality and warm welcome she received. Nita was particularly grateful to receive $1,443 in unsolicited donations from a number of Parishioners during her visit. These contributions will be immediately put into the care of the children with HIV AIDS.
LAP-1Nita spoke at each of our Masses and also joined us for morning tea after the 8:30 Mass.

LAP-3 Parishioners made Nita welcome and used the opportunity to find out more from Nita about how your generousity is assisting Nita and her team in their critical care for the children.

Pictured below is Is a 7 year old boy, Noval showing the change caused by 14 months of care.


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