This is a concept where all the parish groups gather on one night a month, beginning with a brief prayer session together in the church, followed by their group meeting for one hour, concluding with supper together. At the parish of Kings Park (formerly St Albans West), they have followed this concept for 16 years with about 230 people involved each month. There, they use classrooms and other spaces for meetings. Each year, parishioners are asked to be in a group whichever they have the energy for in that year. Coming together on one night enthuses people as they are not meeting in isolated venues. Minutes are done at the meeting and emailed to those not present.  At our Parish Assembly, this proposal was accepted for us to implement next year. Parishioners can be part of multiple Ministries as they do not need to attend monthly meetings whereas Parishioners are asked to be part of one Group who do attend a monthly meeting. The difference between Ministries and Groups will be outlined in the Parish Expo on 15 & 16 February 2014. Information will also be part of the next Neighbourhood letter to describe the various Ministries and Groups for parishioners to be part of for the next 12 months.

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