Please note a change of date.  The first PMN will take place on 16th July, not as previously advertised.

On Tuesday 6 May  our Parish groups gathered to discuss the invitation to take part in a Parish Meeting Night. PMN is an initiative that aims to have as many Parish groups as possible meeting on the same night, monthly. All groups gather in prayer for 15 minutes then disperse to their individual meetings, later to reconvene to enjoy supper together. Most of the Parish groups were represented and having such diverse and energetic groups gathering regularly, concerns and the benefits of a Parish Meeting Night were raised. All group representatives took part in an open and fruitful discussion. It was decided to hold an expo of the groups and their work during May . A very important aspect of the PMN is that it is “invitational”: that is, groups are invited, encouraged and welcomed to attend as a community, the very same community of people who are already building and giving life to our Parish. The first PMN will take place on 16th July,  gathering in the library at St Anne’s school. Please park in the Stewarts Lane Car Park.

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